Art direction with Victoria Guareschi

Victoria is a freelance artist whose role was to give shape to Neurodeck’s phobias, cards and UI. She worked hard to provide this colorful touch in this dark atmosphere when fighting phobias!

How would you describe your job in your own words?

I like to think that my job is basically to give life to all those amazing ideas, concepts, stories that come my way.

What was the most challenging part of your work on Neurodeck?

Before Neurodeck, I had never worked on a deckbuilder card game before. It was really challenging for me to understand its features. I spent a lot of time thinking about the interface and all of the elements I had to show on-screen while keeping the whole thing elegant and refined. Representing phobias was a bit challenging for me too since I had never drawn monstrous things like this before. My usual style is more like the one you can see on card illustrations.

Some of Victoria’s favorite card illustrations.

Did you find the mental health issue inspiring? Why?

Yes, I did. First off, because I’ve always felt the need to give sense to my work. I love to learn about people, and being able to help them even just a little with what I do is really important to me. That’s why I have always wanted to work on Serious Games, for example. Also, I have had mental health issues in my life, just like a lot of people, so I just inspired myself with those feelings to be as fair as possible in my representations of it.

What are your main and favorite tools?

Well, regarding the software, Photoshop is my realm but I gotta admit I had a recent crush on Procreate. I usually draw using a CINTIQ QHD 13” or my iPad Pro, and I use Pinterest a lot when looking for inspiration. Oh, and my cat’s belly is a really good wrist rest.

Is there a phobia or a card that reminds you of a special event in your life?

I particularly like the Favourite Pillow card, representing a huge cat in the size and form of a pillow.
I have two cats at home, and when I feel down or lonely during the day – since I work from home full time, – I love to just take a break and cuddle them for a moment. It always makes me feel a lot better. For this reason, the cat I drew on this card is a mix of my two beloved cats!