Neurodeck is a psychological deckbuilder card game to challenge your fears. Build your deck & capacities by answering personality tests, visiting rooms or meditating. Face your phobia and defeat them through the power of life-inspired cards.

Published by Goblinz Studio, developed by TavroxGames.

Feel free to visit the Steam store page.


  • Deckbuilding as you progress through the game (Slay The Spire like)
  • Meditating and choosing personality traits that alter your gameplay profoundly
  • Exploring a subconscious maze, full of cards and improvements that will help you defeat the monsters in your mind
  • Light RPG mechanics that allow you to customize your character stats & skills
  • Characters & places from your past that will tell facts & stories about mental health
  • Deep gameplay mechanics that focus on replayability and gameplay diversity
  • Horrific monsters inspired by real-life phobias

Other information

Available on PC: Steam, Epic Games Store & GOG
Nintendo Switch release delayed
: €11.99

Game development history: The game started during a game jam in 2018. Tavrox worked half-time at Goblinz Studio and wanted to launch new projects. He has always loved card games and thought it was time to give a try to the deckbuilder genre, following the success of Slay The Spire.
Neurodeck has always intended to provide some meaning to a video game trend: deckbuilder card games. The team built up over time and secured funds for full production.

Rough budget: 130k€. Helped by CNC from France. Distribution on PC & Switch: Goblinz Studio. Looking for distribution on mobile + other consoles.

Complete Credits

Main authors – TavroxGames & Freelancers

Tavrox | Creative Director
Zellana | Art director
Kilian Dufour | Programmer
Félix Moll | Game designer
Jeanne Prigent | 2D Animator
Tilia Weevers | Music Composer
Nicolas Guegen | Sound Designer
Niki Apergis | Bizdev & admin
Léonard Bertos | Narrative Designer

Thank you to the Goblinz Studio team

Johann Verbroucht | Studio Manager
Benjamin Robert | Porting
Lucie Deschamps | QA
Carla Tissi | QA
Fanny Renard | Community Manager
Mélanie Ertaud | Concept Artist
Alison Derolez | Producer

Special Thanks

David Elahee | My brother
Stéphane Rappeneau | Early tester & cool banker
Benoit Ledirach | Intern coding
Roman Cabezos | Early Sounds & Musics
Hyruga | Moderator, QA & cool person to check beta versions!


Jasper Marcus | English & French
Marcel Weyers (Warloc) | German
Arina Bedrina, Alexander Preymak (Warlocs) | Russian

Voice actors

Manon Iatonni | Jupiter voice actor
Melody Linhart | Lei voice actor

Play In Lab (QA)

Pierre Faucheux | Managing director
Jean-Claude Petit | QA tester
Christophe Belhumeur | Coordinator
Titouan Guéhard | QA tester


Romain Mathieu | Biz Admin
Sophie Maleval | Cards illustrations
Thibault Barbaroux | Early & Trailer animations
Kez | Trailer Musician & Sound expert
Teddy Bouziat | Finisher Developer
Gonzalo Espinoza | Sound Design Intern with Kromatik

Update Heroes

Dimitri Reinhart | Developer
Florent Colombier | Developer

These are the complete credits, in-game are extended from this for easier editing.

Email contact: contact@tavroxgames.com

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