We spent several months of these prototypes. They may never see the light of day.... but we want to pay respects to the people who worked on it!

Match On The Nile [2021]

Match On The Nile is a midcore Match 3 RPG roguelike set in Ancient Egypt. You play Neith, who will fight the Gods to protect her country.

War, hunger, dried Nile, the Egyptians are going through difficult times. Neith, the right-hand woman of Cleopatra, has a mission: investigating and finding out the reason why the Gods are upset. On her path, she’ll meet monsters standing her way and Gods that will offer their help to stop the person who is the source of all this agitation.

Game features

  • Arcade gameplay of Match 3 meets the Midcore roguelite genre for amazing replayability and fun turn-based mechanics
  • Discover Ancient Egypt with the epic adventure of Neith, who want to protect her country
  • Defeat the gods and evil monsters inspired by Egyptian mythology like Horus, Seth or the Sphinx
  • Live the RPG Fantasy through XP, Skills, Levels, Gears and Inventories
  • Meet colorful characters and merchants who will give you a glimpse of what living in Ancient Egypt was like

Who worked on it :

Chloé Morin, Jérémy Forveille, Yannick Elahee, Adrien Fosse, Whaïd Cremery, Chloé Matz, Nicolas Gueguen, Tilia Weevers, Niki Apergis


Tacticards [2021]

Tacticards is a mix of deckbuilder, tactical and roguelite. Use the cards to take an advantage during fights!

Who worked on it:

Laurent Freimann, Jeanne Prigent, Yannick Elahee, Félix Moll, Niki Apergis