We’re a full game studio with skills in development, art direction, DLC production, business development and marketing expertise. Our main tool is Unity and our main game platform is PC.

We’re open to collaborations and contract works, you can contact us at contact@tavroxgames.com.

Current & previous clients

Game development with Unity

We can develop games on Unity in 2D/3D for PC, Switch, Mac, Linux. We excel in having a complete team that can produce everything from coding to assets.

  • Coding games with a solid architecture and tools to create content quickly
  • Creating all kind of assets in 2D or 3D
  • Game and level design with an expertise in turn-based games
  • Managing the project autonomously and push it to stores
  • Our marketing skills allow us to be fully independent if you want to give us a full project
  • An excellent network of freelancers to assist us in specific area of expertise such as sound or music
  • Steam, Trail or other SDK integrations

Specializations: UI, Tools, Turn-based games

Here are some titles we worked on:

  • Lavapools (developed & marketed in house)
  • Neurodeck (developed & marketed in house)
  • Legend of Keepers (developed by Goblinz Studio, DLC by Goblinz Studio & TavroxGames for art, code, QA & project management)

They worked with Tavrox in the past