Work for Hire

I’m Tavrox, founder of TavroxGames and indie developer / marketer / producer for 5 years now.

I’ve worked for 2 publishers (Dear Villagers, Goblinz Studio) and worked on 20 games as a producer / marketer (Battlerite, Legend of Keepers, As Far As The Eye, Snowtopia, Double Kick Heroes, and more.)

I’ve also developed my 2 own games such as Lavapools and Neurodeck, so I know how to make games. Having technicals skills allow me to give sharp recommendations.

My skills:

  • Drive a team to release and finish their game in the best conditions possible
  • Contact publishers, prepare presentations and slides the most efficient ways possible
  • Understand the remote organization and hire the best artists for a project

We can work together on several levels:

  • Case 1 : You need producing consulting, someone who know how to drive game production, market a game and lead teams of artists. We will do weekly or bi-weekly calls to ensure you’re on the right tracks.

  • Case 2 : You need someone to contact publishers to unlock and prepare a deal. I will prepare publisher slides and contact them on your behalf.

  • Case 3 : You have a tactical / strategy / card game and need some level / game design / production expertise. I can produce a report to give you some tracks.

Contact me on if you want to talk or know more about my services!