TavroxGames is a company made by Tavrox to produce games. We are anti-racist, anti-sexist and want to make games that promote diversity, empathy and respect.

We gather talented artists around a shared vision, a common goal with fair work conditions.

We received grants by Le CNC and La Région Occitanie.

Our very practical benefits:

  • 4 and a half days of work (32 hours) paid 35 hours.
  • Possibilities of Blocking Motion : Project or CEO. If it stinks, employees have power.
  •  Emergency leaves: Up to 2 days per month, if you really need to rest or take a leave, that’s on us.

Tavrox (Yannick Elahee) is a producer, marketer, developer and creative director. He has worked for Battlerite, Goblinz Studio and HeadbangClub. He loves politics, social podcasts and science-fiction.


Benjamin Dimanche aka Manath is a Senior Producer. He became an associate of TavroxGames in 2022. Fond of comics, some people say he has a secret lair full of art books….


Lou Dessaigne aka Pom is a Marketing Officer, she’s changing hyperfixation every Tuesday, but you’ll never go wrong with TTRPGs, horror, comics and manga.


Niki Apergis is a producer and business administrator. He loves Pop Culture and has an extensive knowledge about comics, video games. In previous lives, he was a temp paramedic, a book store manager and an event organizer.


Pauline Helaine, half mama bear, half sly fox, is our office manager. She built books in another life. She likes morning coffee as much as evening beer, Minecraft’s rainy days, the river of Outer Wilds and Charlie Kaufman’s way to tell stories. Her hidden dream is to be part of the Ministry of Silly Walk.


Adrien Fosse is a game developer working on LOK DLC. He loves strategy & simulation games. Some people call him the Sweet Bear.


Jeanne Prigent is a game artist 2D who worked on Neurodeck, LOK DLCs, Pomelo and internal prototypes. She loves nature, monsters and History.


Florent “Gostique” Colombier is our developer & QA, he worked on LOK DLC, Neurodeck & internal prototypes. He likes, of course, video games, but sometimes prefers rolling some dice on a board game.


Capucine, aka Gimmie, is a Marketing Officer. She has worked with Dear Villagers and Hibernian Workshop on super cool pixelart roguelites. Two things that make her really happy are petting the cat and baking cakes (in-game and IRL).


Jeremy Forveille is Art director.  He likes to create universes of fantasy, science-fiction with a lot of colors and sometimes, a touch of humor. 


Alvina Damasio–Razafiarizaka is a junior gameplay programmer. Big Doctor Who fan, she loves narrative video games such as Life Is Strange. She grew up with the Percy Jackson books but now also enjoy reading Bernard Werber and Stephen King’s work.


Morgan Seurre aka Paci is a gameplay programmer. He’s crazy enough to release a game on his own. He loves coffee and rogue-like games. Never start a debate about compote with him.

Thank you to everyone who worked with us.

Teddy Bouziat, Dimitri Reinhart, Félix Moll, Fog Ryu, Van Nguyen, Chloé Morin, Jade Balarni, Alyssa Delord, Whaïd Cremery, Chloé Matz, Eva Rebillat, Amandine Roux & let us know if we forgot anyone!