TavroxGames is a company made by Tavrox to produce games. We are anti-racist, anti-sexist and want to make games that promote diversity, empathy and respect.

The idea is to gather talented artists around a shared vision, a common goal with fair work conditions.

Neurodeck is the first production, there are around 8 people working on it, you can find more information on the page Neurodeck.

Neurodeck and TavroxGames received national and regional grants respectively by Le CNC and La Région Occitanie.


Tavrox (Yannick Elahee) is a producer, marketer, developer and creative director. He has worked for Battlerite, Goblinz Studio and HeadbangClub. He loves politics, social podcasts and science-fiction.


Niki Apergis is a producer and business administrator. He loves Pop Culture and has an extensive knowledge about comics, video games. In previous lives, he was a temp paramedic, a book store manager and an event organizer.


Chloé Matz works as a marketing assistant. She’s driven by the gender-inclusivity matter that she tried to promote through an essay that she wrote for her degree in multimedia translation. She is sometimes a serious Japanese animes addict. Traveling fulfills her HP.


Whaïd Cremery is an apprentice developer at TavroxGames. He loves robotics, learning new languages and discovering new technologies!


Uriel aka FogRyu is a pixel artist and general game artist working on unannounced projects at TavroxGames. He loves Japan, hiking and concept arts.


Adrien Fosse is a game developper working on unannounced projects at TavroxGames.


Florent “Gostique” Colombier is a developper intern working on Neurodeck’s updates. He likes, of course, video games, but sometimes prefers rolling some dice on a board game.