Overboss is a turn-based strategy game. Place your tiles and tokens to defeat your foes & friends!                                                                                          It’s an adaptation of the board game “Overboss – a Boss Monster adventure” published by Brotherwise Games.

Published by Goblinz Studio, developed by TavroxGames.

Build terrain. Each turn, you’ll draft one tile and token set from the Market. Place the tile in an open spot of your map. Every terrain type is scored differently!

Recruit monsters. Every tile comes with a token. If it’s a monster or Miniboss token, put it on top of an open terrain tile.



  • Single player campaign mode
  • Local and online multiplayer from 2 to 5 players
  • Boss to be chosen at the beginning of the game by each player
  • Command cards: additional actions on our tiles or those of others (destroy tile, move, swap, etc.).