TavroxGames is open to collaboration

Due to the post-release of Neurodeck, we are available and eager to help you with your game!

Thanks to our solid team, we are able to help you with the development & marketing of your game.

We’re working with Goblinz Studio on their DLC for Legend of Keepers (code, art, QA, production)

TavroxGames team members working on this DLC:

From left to right: Uriel, Chloé, Niki and Adrien.

Uriel, pixel artist, takes care of the assets and animations of the characters. Chloé, game & level designer intern, lends a hand with QA, provides feedback and reports bugs to the team. Niki coordinates the project and helps on making sure the vision of Goblinz Studio is well implemented. Adrien, programmer, develops new features and integrates a lot of elements.

The DLC is designed by Goblinz Studio while we handle the implementation and making sure they’re working to the full extent of the design planned.

We’re available for more contract work and more specifically on Unity & 2D games, with a specialty in turn-based games.

Marketing, Business & Biz-dev

Tavrox worked for a few years as a freelance marketer and wanted to work with indie studios again. As Chloé Matz has joined the team as a marketing assistant, we felt it was a good duo to work on new contract work with cool indie studios.

We are currently working with Particubes on their marketing strategy and ads tests.

You can see the full details of our capabilities on the Work For Hire page:

You can drop an email at contact@tavroxgames.com if you have any questions!