I have worked on a lot of different games, on different jobs posts.

I was developer, game design, creative director, producer.

If you need someone to develop on Unity with a strong focus on making polished things, here’s game I’ve shipped and developed myself (with the help of others).


My strength in Unity are : TOOLS and 2D Gameplay.

Lavapools [1st shipped game] STEAM LINK

I coded 100% of  this 2D game back in 2016 and brought it to be shipped onto Steam.
I did around 50% of the game and level design.

Some systems I coded:

– Paths Editor to make obstacles move in a certain path way.
– Wave Triggering: Depending on how much gems you had, some obstacles were triggered, in a random way.
– etc.

Neurodeck [2nd shipped game] STEAM LINK

I coded 70% of this cardgame released on PC, GOG, Epic, Switch.
I was in charge of creative direction and managing the studio.

Some systems I coded:
– Card Data Management & Effects
– Game feel
– Stack system to execute card effects asynchronously
– Procedural generation of levels & gameplay tuning
– A crapton of UI coding
– Sound design & Music integration
– Supervised Switch integration but not made myself
– etc.

Match On The Nile

(3 months pre prod)

I’ve coded the systems of a Match 3 RPG.
I also made some simple 3D systems to navigate in a map. Neurodeck’s engine was also reused regarding the stack system!


(3 months pre prod)

A freelance coder made a complete turn based & IA system to work on a grid. I implemented new rules on top of their AI system for this deckbuilder tactical game.

Protectors of Pomelo

(4 months preprod)

This Tower Defense Roguelike game is probably our next production at TavroxGames.

I coded everything with an additional help from Gostique, our other dev.
Wave System, Data System, a part of Tiles Management, Pathfinding….