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Music composition with Tilia Weevers

Tilia has an amazing musical sensibility and has a very good adaptation capacity. She composed and played the music for Neurodeck.

How would you describe your job in your own words?

I do lots of things actually! I give individual singing lessons, I use my voice for voice-over, logo jingles or other stuff, I compose music and write songs, I make photomontages of fantasy creatures that I stick on canvas, I sculpt masks… But the main thing that I do for a living is my singing lessons.

How was composing for Neurodeck different from what you used to work on?

It was so interesting to work with the staff and exchange ideas and impressions with them for the atmosphere that the music had to give. I work alone most of the time, composing my own songs or instrumentals. For Neurodeck, I worked with people and composed music for a game for the first time, an old dream came true.

How would you sum up your collaboration with Nicolas Gueguen, sound designer for Neurodeck?

The collaboration with Nicolas was very intuitive, he asked me to split some of the tracks so he could adapt the music in the game. For example, he needed a “stressful” track with sounds on top of the other instruments for the parts where it was needed. The communication was clear and easy, I liked that very much.