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Narrative Design with Léonard Bertos

Léonard Bertos is a skilled and innovative Narrative Designer at Globlinz Studio. He also took part in Neurodeck’s development.

What is the experience that definitely made you fall in love with your job?

I fell in love with the job before it was a job. This non-job was modding games. It started with Warcraft III, which was more like playing Playmobils at that age, then I discovered how powerful it could get with Starcraft and triggers and I made an infiltration game out of it. Years later, I released Castel Uvirith, a big – and strange – mod for Morrowind and les Chroniques Gargantuines, an Age-of-Empire campaign about Gargantua.

I wasn’t even sure that writing for video games was an actual job back then. In fact, the position is still very new. The title itself is sometimes used to say either “game designer working with the writer” or “actually a writer with game design skills.” I’m more like the second one.