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Game Design with Félix Moll

Félix is a passionate Game Designer specialized in balancing and ergonomics. He has freshly taken up his position at Globlinz Studio. He used his technical knowledge in roguelikes and deckbuilders for the development of Neurodeck as a freelance Game Designer.

What are the most important qualities for a Game Designer according to you?

In my opinion, the ability to communicate efficiently with other team members is one of the most important qualities for a Game Designer.

Video game creation is all about teamwork , and communication is an aspect of the job that is extremely important in my opinion. Being curious and eager to learn are also important qualities because you will always learn new things while working on a game!

What did Neurodeck teach you about mental health?

Even if I was already a bit aware of these themes, I think working on Neurodeck helped me to understand how important mental health is these days, especially through feedback from players, playtesters and content creators.