Creeping Deck : Pharaoh’s Curse
A roguelite deckbuilder with RPG elements in Ancient Egypt

Creeping Deck is a strategic roguelite deck-builder with a RPG twist/ with RPG elements / in a RPG setting. Head out to discover mythological Ancient Egypt, put an end to corruption, and defeat Seth: the source of evil, chaos and pain. Do not worry, the Gods will help you!

  • You will be helped in your quest by 5 ancient Gods from the Egyptian Pantheon: Horus, Thot, Sekhmet, Neith, and Geb. Choose your guide and boost your deck with their abilities to beat Seth!
  • Go up the Nile and through 3 mythical areas: Pyramid of Giza, Luxor Temple and Philae Temple
  • Stop by the shop to customize your build and get stronger
  • Face with 20+ types of enemies, from mummies, to mages and more.
  • More than 150 cards available to build your own unique set of cards.
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