Match On The Nile is the second game made by TavroxGames. It is at its pre-production stage right now and will be playable on PC.

We are looking for publishers to support us in our game project, feel free to get in touch here if you feel like teaming up with us!

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About the game

War, hunger, dried Nile, the Egyptians are going through difficult times. Neith, the right-hand woman of Cleopatra, has a mission: investigating and finding out the reason why the Gods are upset. On her path, she’ll meet monsters standing her way and Gods that will offer their help to stop the person who is the source of all this agitation.

Game features

  • Arcade gameplay of Match 3 meets the Midcore roguelite genre for amazing replayability and fun turn-based mechanics
  • Discover Ancient Egypt with the epic adventure of Neith, who want to protect her country
  • Defeat the gods and evil monsters inspired by Egyptian mythology like Horus, Seth or the Sphinx
  • Live the RPG Fantasy through XP, Skills, Levels, Gears and Inventories
  • Meet colorful characters and merchants who will give you a glimpse of what living in Ancient Egypt was like

Who is working on this project?

Tavrox | Creative Director
Jérémy Forveille | Art Director
Nicolas Gueguen | Sound Designer
Tilia Weevers | Music
Uriel Lacroix | Concept Artist
Adrien Fosse | Game dev
Whaïd Cremery | Game dev
Niki Aspergis | Producer
Chloé Matz | Marketing & Communication

Please note that these are estimations. Things can move and change quickly, we do our best to keep you informed about the progress of the game!

A few key arts made by Art Director Jérémy Forveille.

The game logo.

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